Common Questions You May Have About Cataracts Surgery

Cataract surgery is a common vision procedure that helps patients have improved eyesight. This surgery can be life-changing, but there are some considerations to think about before you move forward. If you are still on the fence about the procedure, the following are some questions you should ask about cataract surgery:

When Should You Get Cataract Surgery?

One question you should ask your doctor is when you should get the surgery. You might not need the surgery until later in your life when your symptoms become worse. Now may not be a good time for you professionally to get the surgery. Ultimately, you and your doctor will determine the best time for you to get the surgery.

What Can You Expect During Cataract Surgery?

You and your doctor will discuss the different types of cataract surgery. Your doctor may opt to perform the surgery with a laser. You may or not be awake. The length of the surgery may vary. Your lens replacement will also be a factor during your surgery. Your doctor will answer questions about expectations once you both know which type of surgery you will have. During any type of cataract surgery, the doctor will place drops in your eyes to numb them. Your eyes will also be dilated. You should not feel anything during the surgery, but you may have some discomfort once the pain relievers begin to wear off.

Can You Have Complications After the Surgery?

Most patients do not experience any complications after cataract surgery. However, any surgical procedure can have complications, so your doctor should explain any risks and possible complications to you prior to surgery. Although rare, some potential complications include infection, inflammation, retinal detachment, and fluid buildup in the retina.

When Will Your Vision Improve?

After the surgery, you should begin to notice a difference within a few days. Fully restored vision occurs within about a month's time. However, each patient will have varied outcomes. It is important that you and your doctor discuss this timeline so you can have a realistic expectation.

Will You Ever Need Cataracts Surgery a Second Time?

Each case is different, but there is always the chance you will need to have cataracts surgery again. If you ever experience cloudy vision or dim colors again, you and your doctor will need to discuss your options, which may include a second cataracts surgery. You may also need to consider glasses or contacts in addition to your surgery.

Contact a local ophthalmology clinic to learn more about cataracts surgery.