What To Look For In New Glasses Frames

You're in need of new glasses, but there's more to considering frames than just color and style. Learn what to look for in your new glasses so you get eyewear that will last and feel comfortable the next time you go to an eyeglass frames store.


If you have a dainty face or your prescription is stronger, you want glasses and lenses that are lightweight. Some plastic frames are very light, while metal frames in a half-frame design can be a lighter weight as well. Lenses come in plastic and other slight forms so you can achieve a lighter pair of glasses no matter what your design preferences are.

Bridge width

Choose a pair of glasses with a bridge width that best suits your face. The bridge is the part of your glasses frame that separates the eyepieces and goes over your nose. A bridge that is too narrow will pinch your nose and cause discomfort while possibly distorting the shape of your face in contrast. A bridge that is too wide may make your glasses look too large for your face.

Lens width

Ideally, your lenses and accompanying frames should at least reach the outer parts of your eyes for an even, more attractive look on your face. If your face is narrow, choose thinner, shorter lenses to make your face look less slight. If your face is wider, select very long or rectangular lenses for an optimum fit.


If you plan on wearing the same pair of glasses daily, choose a color that best reflects not just your personality, but your wardrobe. Classic black, gray, or another neutral color may be best for your frames.

If you'll wear multiple pairs of glasses and like to switch them out, choose one pair with a neutral tone, then select trending colored frames for date night, casual, or professional wear. Your eyeglass supplier will help you select several frames to meet your needs.


Frames for glasses come in a variety of shapes to match face shapes and individual personalities best. Classic round or oval frames are best if you don't want to have an overstated look. For a trending, intellectual appeal, go for square or rectangular frames. Cat-eye glasses are trending and make a fashion statement.

Before you buy any pair of glasses, bring a friend to your glasses frames store and try on several pairs. When you find a style you like, you can select colors and brands to complete your shopping experience.