Could Your Glasses Be Contributing To Your Acne?

If you have given up chocolate, avoided fried foods and tried a variety of different skin care products but you cannot get rid of your acne, it is time to consider how you handle, clean and wear your glasses. Your glasses can trap oil and sweat while also transporting the oils from your hands to your face when you wipe your glasses off. Since doing so can cause or worsen acne, it will be very helpful to apply the following information.

#1-Change The Way That You Clean Your Glasses

If you regularly use your shirt or a nearby washcloth to clean your glasses, it is important to consider what you are actually doing to your glasses. For example, whether you hold the frames of your glasses or the earpiece, your hands could easily transfer oil to the part in question. If you clean your lenses five times a day, that is a lot of oil that is now on your face and it is easy to see why your acne is just not getting better.

A solution can be to only hold your glasses when you can use a soft cloth between your hands and the glasses, thus avoiding the transference. Another option is to use rubbing alcohol and a q-tip, after placing your glasses on a solid, safe surface to prevent damage.

#2-Invest In A Carrying Case For Your Glasses

When you are driving on a bright day or the glare outside is rendering your glasses useless, it is not unusual to temporarily remove them. Unfortunately, how you do so could be a problem. Specifically, if you shove your glasses to the top of your head and allow them to rest on your hair, the natural oils from your hair can do the same thing that the oil from your hands can do.

Therefore, it is time to either find the case that probably came with your glasses or to buy a new one. Whenever you are tempted to move your glasses to your head, move them to your head instead. You may not see immediate results, but there is no down-side to taking better care of your glasses and it may be the help you need to get rid of your embarrassing acne.

#3-Make Sure That Your Glasses Fit Properly

If you only get your glasses professionally adjusted when you get new ones or need some sort of repair, you could be missing out on a surprising benefit of glasses that fit as they should. Specifically, if the earpieces are too tight on your head, the unnecessary pressure can contribute to clogged pores. That could easily lead to an exacerbation of your acne.

If it has been a while since you got your eyeglasses, take the time to check that they are fitting as well as they should. It could take just a few minutes to improve your acne problem that results from poorly fitting glasses.

In conclusion, the way you use, care for and wear your glasses can have an enormous impact on the overall condition of your skin. If you have tried many of the more typical recommendations to get rid of your acne and have not found the results you need, it is a good idea to consider the above information in the future.  To learn more, contact a company like Dr R Saunders