3 Ways Women Can Feel More Confident In Eyeglasses

It is crucial for a women to feel confident when they are wearing glasses, or they may choose to avoid wearing them altogether and their vision will suffer. This article will talk about some specific things that women can do to help themselves feel more confident when they are wearing eyeglasses. 

Choose Frames For Your Face Shape

If you are getting glasses for the first time, it is important to make sure that you take your time choosing frames that make you look and feel confident. Try on several different frames until you find a style of frame that works for you.

  • If you have a square face, buying frames that go against the contours on your face can help your face to look more soft, while oval face shapes can benefit from glasses with upswept corners. 
  • Those with heart-shaped faces can make their face look smaller with rimless glasses. Those with a round face can benefit from wearing narrow, rectangular frames because they won't hit their cheek bones when they smile or speak. 

Beautify Yourself

Since your eyeglasses are going to be the focal point of your face, it is important to make sure that your other facial features are beautified so that they can stand out as well. 

  • Make sure that you take the time to do your hair in a style that makes you feel confident, whether that be curling it, straightening it, or putting it up in a messy bun. 
  • Your eyebrows are going to be seen right above your glasses, so make sure that they are well shaped and tweezed to enhance your natural beauty.
  • Finally, people are going to see your beautiful eyes and other facial features behind your glasses, so make sure you wear enough makeup to show off your natural beauty. Eye shadow, eye liner, mascara, foundation, blush, and bronzer can really bring out your beauty and give you an overall feeling of confidence. 


You can have the most stylish eyeglasses, the cutest hair, and the most perfect makeup in the world, but if you don't smile, than none of these things even matter. A smile shows that you are happy and are confident with the way that you look. A smile will light up your entire face, and will add more beauty than any hairstyle or makeup ever will.  When you smile it shows through your eyes, and this is where people will be looking. 

As a woman, you shouldn't just wear your glasses because you have to. You should wear them because you know that they enhance your beauty, while at the same time improving your vision. Contact an eyeglass specialist like River Valley Eye Care for more tips about glasses.