Are “Natural” Diabetic Eye Treatments A Good Idea?

These days, many people are looking for more "natural" solutions to their problems. These problems often include medical issues, which is where so-called natural solutions can become dangerous or problematic. If you've been thinking about foregoing traditional medical care for your diabetic eye problems or adding something to that treatment, there are some things you should take into consideration before making your decision. Here are three of them. Pressure and Inflammation Read More 

Signs You Need An Eye Exam As An Adult

Most adults are fairly familiar with the signs that a child needs to see the eye doctor. If they struggle to see the chalkboard, sit really close to the TV, and bring books really close to their face to read, they probably need an exam. But for some reason, those same adults tend to put off their own eye exam appointments. The longer you wait, the worse eye problems tend to get. Read More