Getting Your Driver’s License: Three Reasons To Visit Your Optometrist First

Whether you are getting your driver's license for the first time or your current license is up for renewal, there are many good reasons to visit your optometrist before heading to your local DMV. Use this guide to determine if you should have a vision screening to help your ability to safely operate a vehicle. No Surprises At The DMV When getting or renewing a license, the DMV will check your vision. Read More 

Seeing Is Diagnosing? 3 Autoimmune Disorders That Can Affect Your Eyes

Going in to see the optometrist can tell you a lot about your ocular health — whether or not you have dry eyes, how much your vision can improve with contacts or glasses, if you're a good candidate for laser eye surgery — but did you know that it can tell you a lot about the health of the rest of your body as well? There are a ton of autoimmune diseases out in the world, but a few of them can wreak havoc with your eyes and your eyesight; luckily, these problems could help pin down a diagnosis and get you on the way to help. Read More 

Why Blue-Light Filtering Glasses Are Better Than Electronic Adjusters

Many people now know that blue light is dangerous to the eyes. While blue light can be found in many light sources, including sunlight, the abundance of electronic devices in the average home potentially poses a threat to one's vision. Over time, blue light can damage the eyes and promote diseases like macular degeneration, which can lead to blindness. There are many tools available to turn down the blue light projected by some electronics, but there are a few reasons why they're not as good a choice as blue light filtering glasses. Read More 

LASIK Surgery: Is What You Heard About The Procedure True?

Even though LASIK surgery has been successfully performed for years, there are still some people who are hesitant about the procedure. For some with vision problems, the hesitancy about the procedure comes from misconceptions they have about it. To help you decide about the procedure based on facts, here is the truth about some misconceptions: LASIK Surgery Hurts One of the biggest fears that people have about LASIK surgery is that it is painful. Read More 

New To Wearing Contact Lenses? Learn How To Care For Them

Whether you just received your new contacts or you are about to go get them, you will need to make sure that you have a full understanding of how to care for them. Doing so will ensure that your contacts will remain in good shape and you will not accidentally cause damage to your eyes. Here is what you need to remember: Conduct Proper Hand Washing Never touch your contacts without first thoroughly washing your hands with soap and water. Read More