How To Ensure Your Eyes Are Safe When Wearing A VR Headset

Virtual reality is all the rage these days, and more and more people are picking up home VR headsets to use. While it's all good fun, you should take some steps to ensure that your eyes are safe while you're using a VR headset. Here's what you need to know to do just that.

Blue Light Filtering

When you wear a VR headset, one or two tiny screens are very close to your face. In fact, they're much closer than you would be from any other screen you look at over your day --- like your phone or computer. What this means is that your eyes will be more impacted by exposure to certain wavelengths of light while using a VR headset than if you were just using any other electronic device.

One of the things you need to protect yourself from is blue light. Blue light is emitted by most electronic screens and has been linked to a risk of developing macular degeneration later in life. That is, unfortunately, one of the leading causes of blindness, too, so it's obviously something you want to avoid at all costs.

You can reduce your exposure by having a blue light filter applied to your next pair of glasses. This will help to cut down the amount of blue light that makes it to your eyes.


Another thing you should consider is having an anti-glare filter added to your next pair of glasses. Glare on lenses is particularly bad coming from electronics because they're back-lit. That means that light is aimed right at your eyes coming from the electronic device.

When glare is created on your glasses, it makes it harder for you to see. As a result, you may strain and squint while trying to use your headset, which can lead to long-term eye strain. A simple anti-glare coating on your glasses can put a stop to this.

If You Don't Wear Glasses

Of course, what should you do if you don't wear glasses? Are you just doomed to be exposed to these dangers? Not at all.

If you don't normally wear glasses, you should consider picking up a pair just for computer use. This is actually becoming a more common practice among gamers and office workers who want to reduce the amount of eye strain they experience on a daily basis. Simply ask your local optometrist about computer glasses. Even if you don't need a prescription to see clearly, that doesn't mean that you can't benefit from glasses.

Remember, if you've already been wearing a VR headset for some time without protection, it's also a good idea to get your eyes examined by an eye doctor. Detecting damage early on can make all the difference in protecting your vision.